JoAnn Scott, Licensed in Virginia    757-438-4392.      JoAnn has come Virgina Beach’s go to Realtor with a reputation for tenaciously protecting her clients interest.  She is a savvy negotiator who used cutting edge marketing strategies, along with uncompromising integrity and personal touches as a cornerstone of her services.  JoAnn is also a Class A Licensed Contractor with over 17 years of experience.  She has successfully led two businesses and knows houses and construction inside out.  Her talent in navigating her clients through the “updating to sell” process enables her to get top dollar for her sellers.



Marty Weir, Licensed in Virginia and North Carolina.  757-536- 0831.  Marty is a seasoned Realtor with over 25 years of Real Estate experience.  Her clients consistently seek her advice and trusted judgement on their real estate matters.  Marty is a hard working honest professional who is well respected throughout the industry.  You can count on her to be there for her clients every step of the way to  ensure her clients have a smooth successful experience whether buying or selling.    Marty is Licensed in Virginia and North Carolina and would love to help you with you real estate needs.



Rachel & Eric Overmyer,Licensed in Virginia. 757-513-1522.   Eric and Rachel are newer agents to the Nelene Gibbs Real Estate firm.  They both come with a servants heart willing to go the extra mile for their clients.  Rachel has a background in property management.  Eric is a hard working agent with a desire to facilitate a smooth transaction for all of his clients.  He is an excellent negotiator and you can count on both of them to do everything within their power to ensure their clients success, whether they are buying or selling.


Give us a call today at 757-672-3232 and let us connect you with one of the outstanding professionals who can help you navigate the complex Real Estate Market!    They are ready to go to work for you today!